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Learning L.A. Style (ON1) Salsa

- This is for the ABSOLUTE BEGINNER or for those who have a basic concept of the basic salsa step. This class gives you the foundation needed to be able to dance salsa well. Technique is very important in partner dancing and is the foundation for all aspiring salseros/salseras. You will learn the importance of your role as a leader or follower. Leading and following techniques are stressed in this class. There will be some footwork, combinations and styling. This class is meant to turn you into a dancer and not a performer. This is a PROGRESSIVE CLASS (next hour builds from the previous hour).

BEGINNER II - This class is considered an Advance Beginner class. You will apply the techniques learned in BEGINNER I. There will be plenty of combinations and with these come explanations as to how to execute the combinations correctly and with ease. Just like BEGINNER I, leading and following techniques will be employed.

INTERMEDIATE I - Take this class if you want to add more technique and learn more combinations. All of the techniques used as a beginner will be enhanced here. Other ways to do combinations will be shown. There are many subtle techniques in combinations that will be exposed in this class. Many more combinations will be introduced. Leading and following will still dominate the class instruction.

INTERMEDIATE II - This class is just like INTERMEDIATE I except new combinations and techniques are introduced.

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