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Salsa in Huntsville
Salsa in Huntsville
Salsa in Huntsville ALABAMA
Who is John “salseroblanko” Morey? John is a fun, crazy, energetic and extremely enthusiastic professional salsa dancer/instructor. He is a SALSA ADDICT. He is a SALSA SPECIALIST!

John took his first salsa lesson in Dallas, TX, March 2000. He danced salsa 6 nights out of the week. He was starting to get hooked. He then moved to Greensboro, NC and met the instructor, that turned him on to dancing ON1, LA style, Oren. John attended his first salsa congress, DC Salsa Congress, in Oct 2000. This is where he met Super Mario from London. That was the start of a great friendship and the inspiration to become a good dancer. John then became a SALSA ADDICT, travelling for SALSA.

John started teaching regularly in 2001 at Rockford College in Illinois. He has attended many salsa congresses and have taken lessons from various salsa professionals like Joby and Luis Vasquez, Edie “the salsa freak”, Super Mario from London and others.

One of John’s proud achievements is he started the salsa scene in Greenville, SC. It is still alive to this day. He had several salsa dance teams and they have performed all over the Spartanburg/Greenville, SC area. One of his teams performed at the Charlotte Salsa Congress. That same dance team was selected to perform at the best salsa congress in the world, the West Coast Salsa Congress. He taught all over Greenville which includes teaching at colleges/universities like Furman and Clemson.

In 2004, another proud achievement, John performed at the biggest salsa congress in the world, the West Coast Salsa Congress in Los Angeles. He performed and taught at the 2005 Atlanta Salsa Congress. He was also invited to perform at the NY Salsa Congress.

John’s attributes (qualities)are he is patient, detailed,
a student of salsa, passionate, fun, caring and just an absolute nut in his classes. He is very energetic. He will always try to find a way to explain the lesson to you so you can understand it and execute the combination well. He is a true professional salsa instructor. (qualities of a good instructor)

He specializes in salsa dancing with emphasis on leading and following techniques. He creates dancers! He strongly believes in having a good foundation in salsa dancing. Having proper foundation (correct arm tension, Cuban motion, etc) helps you to progress easily and be able to dance with virtually anyone.

Today, John teaches SALSA in Huntsville, AL.

He has hosted the first BEGINNER SALSA BOOTCAMPs in Huntsville and Birmingham. John has taught the BEGINNER SALSA BOOTCAMP for many years and has a proven track record of success. This is one of his best classes. The curriculum is well organized and it builds the confidence in the students.

He is the host/promoter of the major salsa events in Huntsville ALABAMA (Salsalabama Jam, Salsalabama Spring Salsa Fiesta are the two major ones).

John "salseroblanko" is responsible for hosting the first ever salsa night at a night club in Huntsville, AL (Club Rush). He started the salsa night on August 19, 2009. He continues to host other salsa nights. Salseroblanko also hosts many workshops that are taught by instructors that he brings from out of state.

HIS GOAL = To keep spreading his passion for SALSA. YES... he is PASSIONATE about SALSA!

John is an engineer by day BUT a SALSERO all the time. He is a SALSA SPECIALIST. John is married to his beautiful wife Paula who is his biggest supporter.

He can be reached at or 901-605-8246.

Salsa Lessons in Huntsville, AL with Salseroblanko
Salsa in Huntsville - It is growing, slowly but surely. John is a major influence in the growth of SALSA in Huntsville, AL
Salsa is on the rise in Huntsville, ALABAMA
John & his instructor Edie the "SALSA FREAK"