Salsa in Huntsville ALABAMA - making it happen

1. Now that you've got the basic step down and know the rhythm of the music, it's time to give Salsa dance a try. If there isn't a club near you that plays Salsa music, you can always find a dance studio that offers lessons or throw a Salsa party all your own.

2. Salsa is a slot dance—meaning that you don't travel much across the floor. You and your partner stay in a slot most of the time. Good thing, too. Salsa dance floors can get crowded.

3. The hip movement you see Salsa dancers doing is sometimes called "Cuban motion." If you do your footwork correctly, your hips will follow naturally. You don't need to force it.

4. Leaders (and followers) should not pump their arms up and down while dancing. Follow your proper tension techniques. Pumping the arms up and down (or in circles) creates confusion to the follower.

5. Step on the ball of your foot.

6. The faster the music, the smaller your steps should be.

7. Don't grip your partner too tightly, and never press your thumb against your partner's hand.

8. Look at your partner's face or where you're traveling to in a turn. Never, ever look down. You must take care of your dance partner.

9. Some Salsa clubs or studios offer free, introductory lessons. Look at your local dance studio and club listings for more information.

10. Bring an extra shirt with you. Once your shirt is dreched with sweat it is time to change. Women do not like dancing with a man that is just drenched with sweat.

11. SAY NO TO B.O. (body odor). Please be kind and take a good shower and wear some cologne. It is very pleasant to dance with a person that smells good.

12. Have some breathe mints handy just in case. You just never know when your breathe will turn sour.

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